Wheel hub bearing
wheel hub bearing
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The front-rear wheel hub bearing unit is developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. Hub bearings are components used at the axles of automobiles to support load and provide precise guidance for the rotation of the hub. They bear both axial load and radial load, and are an important part of automobile load and rotation.

Automobile wheel hub bearings are double-row angular contact ball bearings, which have the characteristics of double-row angular contact ball bearings. Generally, they adopt double-half inner ring structure with a large base number, which is easy to assemble and ensure bearing clearance.

Characteristics of bearing conditions

1. Carrying requirements

To withstand the combined load caused by the weight of the vehicle, road impact, and lateral turning;

front-rear wheel hub bearing

2. Long life requirements:

3 years and 100,000 kilometers.

3. Comfort requirements

No abnormal noise, wheel swing;

4. Adapt to different road conditions, vehicle speeds and turning acceleration;

5. Sealing performance requirements

Road muddy water and general chemical erosion protection;

6. Safety performance requirements

Anti-fracture, ABS anti-lock, anti-loose bolts;

7. Lubrication performance requirements

Meet the ambient temperature of -40℃~130℃, maintenance-free for life.

8. Installation and use requirements

Easy to install and adjust the clearance

Application characteristics

wheel hub bearing Application characteristics

Adapt to the environment

1. The periphery of the bearing is full of water vapor and dust;

2. Bearings are often in contact with mud;

3. Bearings will be used in high temperature and high cold areas.

Wheel bearings support the weight of the vehicle and allow the tires to turn smoothly. They are important because they have a major impact on safety, ride comfort and fuel efficiency. At the same time, their working environment is more complicated, and they have higher requirements on the material of the bearing.

The picture of samp

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Lubricating grease


Packing and sample- with rubber seals



4d7fc98c791d45052e9e501e0cb1d2d.jpgSample-with stainless seals

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