Insert ball bearings are actually a variant of deep groove ball bearings. The outer spherical bearing is mainly put into the corresponding bearing seat to run together, which is called the seated outer spherical bearing. This type of bearing is also designed to be self-aligning, easy to install, and has dual structural seals for operation in harsh environments. Bearing housings are generally cast. Commonly used valve seats are vertical seat (P), square seat (F), boss square seat (FS), boss circular seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), annular seat (C), slider seat ( T) etc.
Therefore, the outer spherical bearing with seat is mainly divided into outer spherical ball bearing with vertical seat (UCP), outer spherical bearing with square seat (UCF), outer spherical ball bearing with diamond seat (UCFL), and spherical surface with convex seat. bearing. Bearings such as ball bearing (UCFC), outer spherical ball bearing with annular seat (UCC), and outer spherical ball bearing with slider seat (UCT).

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