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Do you know what are the damaged forms of bearings?


Bearing is a precise mechanical part, and failure will inevitably occur after the machine has been in operation for a long time. So do you know what are the forms of bearing failure? What problems should be paid attention to when using bearings?

Peeling: layered peeling of the raceway surface and rolling elements;

Damage: outer ring, inner ring, rolling element cracking, cage damage, and flange damage;

Indentation: There are indentations on the raceway surface and rolling elements;

Wear: Excessive wear of raceway surfaces, rolling elements, cages, flanges, etc;

Electric corrosion: washboard-shaped bumps and discolorations appear on the raceway surface;

Adhesion: Adhesion occurs on the raceway surface and rolling elements, and adhesion occurs on the end surface of the roller and the flange;

Burning loss: Discoloration, softening and melting of raceway surface, rolling element, and flange surface;

Rust: There is rust inside the bearing.

PeelingDamageIndentationWearElectric corrosionAdhesion

Precautions for bearing use

Bearings are precision parts, but no matter how high-performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly, the expected results will not be obtained. Precautions for the use of bearings are as follows:

1. Keep the bearing and its surrounding environment clean

Even if tiny dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the bearing, it will increase the wear, vibration, and noise of the bearing. Bearings and their peripheral accessories should be kept clean, especially dust and dirt, tools, and the working environment must also be kept clean.

2. Be careful when using and installing

Strong stamping is not allowed, direct hammering on the bearing is not allowed, and pressure transmission through rolling elements is not allowed.

3. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Try to use special tools and try to avoid things like cloth and short fibers.

4. Prevent the corrosion of bearings

When you take the bearing directly by hand, you should fully wash off the sweat on your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before handling it. Pay special attention to rust prevention during the rainy season and summer.

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