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How to identify the authenticity of Angular Contact Bearings?

Angular Contact Bearings have an important role in the operation of machinery and equipment. Their good or bad affect the performance and service life of the machine, so the choice of bearings is very critical. There are many misunderstandings for customers who purchase bearings and buy irregular products. The following will explain the purchase of misconceptions and how to identify the authenticity of Angular Contact Bearings.

Angular Contact Bearing

1. The authenticity of the Angular Contact Bearing judgment method.

(1) appearance color.

Angle contact bearing appearance color can fully reflect the bearing product material situation. Some manufacturers use steel to make articles, reduce the steel type, to replace steel products. Its appearance is mostly white, with bearing steel green having a more obvious difference, and bearing color can be a good identification of these low-cost materials.

(2) clarity of the outer packaging.

In general, the factory brand has its special designers to design the outer packaging and arrange for production conditions of the factory to produce production, so the packaging, whether from the lines to the color block, is very clear and unambiguous. Some imported brands of accessories packaging and unique design specifically protect their intellectual property rights.

(3) steel print word clarity.

The Angular Contact Bearing body will be printed with brand words, markings, etc. The font is very small. Most of the genuine factory production uses steel printing technology before the heat treatment on the embossed word, so the font is small but very clear. In counterfeit products, the font is blurred due to the rough printing technology, the font floats on the surface, and some are easily erased by hand.

(4) The cleanliness of the outer packaging.

We should pay special attention to the cleanliness of the outer packaging of the bearings when buying Angular Contact Bearings because the domestic anti-rust technology and foreign advanced manufacturing countries, there is still a gap, so the bearing body for anti-rust treatment is easy to leave a thick oil stain, feel sticky and thick when contacted by hand. In contrast, the original imported foreign bearings can hardly see any traces of anti-rust oil.

(5) The degree of uniformity of chamfering.

The so-called Angular Contact Bearing chamfer, that is, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical, counterfeit bearing products due to the limitations of production technology, in these edges and corners of the processing parts is not satisfactory, which we can easily identify. For example, some bearings chamfer more than show a smooth black feeling, but black in the block of the spot, which is a quenching, left a trace. Fake bearings generally do a more uniform black.

(6) bearing rotation noise.

The left-hand holds the Angular Contact Bearing body set and the right-hand dials the jacket to make it rotate and listen to whether it has noise. As most of the counterfeit products' production conditions are backward, completely manual workshop operation in the production process will inevitably be mixed with sand impurities hidden in the bearing body so that the rotation will make a noise. This is a very obvious difference between the strict implementation of production standards and the use of machine operation between the genuine brand.

(7) The price is high or low.

The regular brand's basic price is often consistent, and there will not be that high or low prices. It would be best if you were careful not to be blinded by the immediate benefits. If the price is much lower than normal, it may be fake, and it is recommended not to buy it.

2. Angular Contact Bearing true or false identification of misconceptions.

(1) bright surface equals good quality.

Through the surface feel bearing quality, in the process of selling bearings, many customers said as long as the angular contact ball bearing surface is bright is good quality, which is wrong. Angle contact bearing surface bright should be a kind of bright. The reason for this bright is that the steel used in the bearing is up to standard, its grinding process, and the cutting fluid used, mainly the first two.

(2) chamfering determines the quality of the bearing.

The chamfer of the Angular Contact Bearing does not determine the quality of the bearing but reflects the processing method of the Angular Contact Bearing. The chamfer is black, indicating that after quenching and other heat treatment to increase the hardness of the bearing, some people think that the chamfer is black and does not look good and is not completely processed, which is a misconception.

(3) One cage is better than two bodies.

Although the new process uses a one-piece cage, it only saves the bearing material and the performance of the rotary and other poor than two-body. In general, the service life of Angular Contact Bearings and three factors have a relationship: the quality of imported bearings, angular contact ball bearings themselves, the use of the environment, and installation methods.

The above is about how to identify the authenticity of Angular Contact Bearings. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!


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