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How to choose the right Deep groove ball bearing?

A deep groove ball bearing is one of the most common rolling bearings. The basic type of Deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls, and cages. The deep groove ball bearing type has a single and double row two. The deep groove ball structure is divided into two separate and open structures. Open refers to the bearing without a sealing structure. The sealed deep groove ball is divided into the dustproof seal and the oilproof seal. This article will take you to understand how to properly select Deep groove ball bearings.

Deep groove ball bearing

1. Deep groove ball bearing clearance selection.

Users in the purchase of Deep groove ball bearings will generally only inform in what type, grade, rarely will Deep groove ball bearings clearance requirements, must ask the Deep groove ball bearings use conditions, which Deep groove ball bearings speed, temperature, with tolerance are directly related to the choice of Deep groove ball bearings clearance. Generally, 3500 rpm below the speed of the motor mostly uses CM clearance, such as a high-temperature high-speed motor is required to use relatively large clearance.

Deep groove ball bearing clearance in the assembly will be because of the inner hole of the rise and the outer circle of the narrowing and lead to reduce the clearance of the reduction = interference amount × 60% (except Deep groove ball bearing room is aluminum). For example, Deep groove ball bearing clearance before assembly is 0.01mm, assembly interference is 0.01mm, then Deep groove ball bearing clearance after assembly is 0.004mm. In theory, Deep groove ball bearing in zero clearance when the noise and life reach the best state, but in actual operation, considering temperature rise and other problems, Deep groove ball bearing clearance after assembly is 0.002mm-0.004mm better.

2. grease selection.

Grease selection is generally based on the speed of Deep groove ball bearings, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque, and so on.

3. Deep groove ball bearing seal type of choice.

Lubrication of Deep groove ball bearings can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Oil lubrication Deep groove ball bearing is generally selected from Deep groove ball bearing, grease lubrication Deep groove ball bearing is generally selected dust cover or rubber seal. The dustproof cover is suitable for high temperatures or the use of good environmental parts. Seals are divided into contact sealing and non-contact sealing, contact sealing dustproof performance is good, but the starting torque is large, and non-contact sealing starting torque is small. Still, the sealing performance is not contacting well.

The above is about choosing the correct Deep groove ball bearing knowledge. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!


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